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SINDY VS BARBIE- who were you reppin’?

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Okay… So I’ve got a confession to make… I preferred Sindy over Barbie growing up. This is not something I felt particularly ashamed bad about in the past, but as I’ve gotten older I realised most of my friends (then and now) couldn’t stand Sindy and were Barbie all the way.

‘Big head’, ‘tough hair’, ‘butters’ are just some of the comments I’ve heard uttered about my beloved Sindy in recent years, LOL!

But what do they know, huh? Yeah her head was massive a little large, but so what? And yes, I  still played with my friend’s Barbies from time to time, and I might have even owned one or two in my later toy-playing years, but my loyalty was always with Sindy.

So ladies, who were you repping in the days when all you had to worry about was which of your doll’s shoes to match with what outfit? Sindy or Barbie… Below is a impartial-ish case for both, from the perspective of my eight -year-old self (mostly)… You can vote your choice right at the bottom of this post!


Lets go to the ballet

Okay here goes… Sindy was a lot prettier than Barbie in my opinion (although this was through the eyes of my 8 year-old self) she had big eyes (like me) and a cute little nose. Although she was plastic, she looked more like a real person, a lot more down to earth and wholesome than Barbie, whose frame was not one you would ever see on any real person.Althouh these days some of these video models are going hard!

Sindy was also a lot more flexible than Barbie. You could bend almost every part of her body, and for an 8 year old tomboy that meant she was a lot more fun to play with, and could compete wholly with my brothers Action Men. Sindy, created by a company called Pedigree Dolls and Toys back in 1963, was also a Brit, put out there as a rival to Barbie, so I totally gotta support that!

In addition, Sindy’s boyfriend Mark, who was introduced to go against Barbie’s Ken’s was so much more of a real man that pussy-boy Ken, and didn’t have the feminine features or traits of his rival. And if nothing else Sindy would certainly be able to take Barbie in a fight. Just look at her eyes, and you will certainly see a look of ‘B**ch, don’t f**k with me’ if ever there was one.


Stuntin’: Sindy’s firend ‘Gayle’

AND… Sindy was the first to have a black friend… Gayle, who was briefly introduced in the 70s when Sindy tried to break America (under the direction of company Marx Toys). Although, this happened in the late 70s before I started playing with Sindy, and sadly Gayle (above) was only ever sold in the US, so I’ve only ever seen her in pictures. But that is still pretty cool, right? And the whole breaking America thing? It seems Sindy was on that way back when, before these UK Grime artists, actors and singers. LOL! She’s gotta get props for that surely! Can you say blue-print?



Okay, let’s see what Barbie’s working with… Barbie is a few years older than Sindy (she made her debut in the 1959), so she is the original. And I guess you could describe her as every young girl’s dream, I admit she had the edge on the popularity stakes between her and Sindy. Most litte girls wanted to be Barbie and a lot of little boys were fascinated with their sister’s cousin’s or friend’s Barbie when they were a kid, whether they want to admit it now or not.

Barbie was/is was the cheerleader type with the permanent all American smile. Her hair was all glossy and she could wear earrings, which was a big deal in the 80s. Another thing she did have over Sindy though were a batch of cool friends. I ain’t gonna talk about Ken coz I didn’t like him at all, and her lil sis Skipper annoyed me a little, but… Although Sindy had the first black friend, I must give a shout out to Dee Dee from Barbie’s band the Rockers, who is the best and most real-looking black Barbie to date. And she was a nifty lil mover, check her out in the below pic and video.

ROCKSTAR: Barbie's bredrin Dee Dee

ROCKSTAR: Barbie’s bredrin Dee Dee

Barbie also seemed to have a lot cooler accessories than Sindy. Her earring were blingy, her clothes looked more trendy and her cars were a lot more sporty. I mean how could poor Sindy compete with this caravan magic van thing (below) with all the gadgets? This came out in the 80s and it still looks like something British glamour model/reality TV star/’business woman’ Jordan would drive today. In fact I swear I saw Jordan driving something similar on her reality show a few weeks back!

And check out this Barbie (below) getting gangsta… This was 1992 when I was a bit too old for Barbies, but it shows she kept up with the times.  I can’t lie she does look kind of cool. She (or the young girl doing it on her behalf) can’t rap for shit, but she is working the look to the max!

Hmmm… I fear Sindy may be losing this battle. Barbie was and still is cool… I ain’t heard much from Sindy these days and read she fell off a bit in later years *sad face*. But I’m VERY loyal so I’ll always love her, tough-to-comb hair and big head included! Lol!

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