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Blossom Cast Together Again!

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It really seems like this is the year for TV show cast reunions with A Different World, The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World (whose reunion has actually come in the form of new series Girl Meets World)… and now Blossom. Did I just hear somebody say ‘Whoa!’? *Joey Russo voice*

Yep, everyone’s favourite floppy-hat-wearing teen (I know I wasn’t the only one that adopted that style back in the day) and her slightly dysfunctional family, (well the actors who played them) made many a 90s kid’s dreams come true when they posed for a reunion pic recently. Well, the family minus the parents Mayim Balik (Blossom), Joey (Joey Lawrence) and Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) and including Blossom’s 1000 word per minute-talking best friend Sixx (Jena von Oy). I mean it would have been just plain wrong to leave out Sixx!


Anyhoo… Here’s how the METRO.CO.UK reports it:

‘If you were a child of the 90s, then chances are that US sitcom Blossom – which starred Mayim Bialik as the hat-wearing titular teenager –  would have been required viewing.

The series originally came to an end in 1995 but if you’ve been feeling a tad bereft since then (or even if you still have that dog-eared poster of Joey Lawrence clinging on to your bedroom wall for dear life), then this cast reunion photo should cheer you up no end.

The snap – which features Bialik and Lawrence alongside co-stars Jenna von Oy and Michael Stoyanov – was taken as the quartet got back together to celebrate the series being re-run from the start on US TV channel The Hub Network.

Bialik later posted the shot to her Twitter page, joking that she and her fellow Blossom-ites ‘still look like young whippersnappers’.

Meanwhile Lawrence added: ‘Thank u all 4 ur excitement!! I can feel it!! It’s going 2 b awesome to see Blssom again. All 5 seasons.’


The cast back in the day

The cast back in the day

And here’s what METRO.CO.UK had to say about what the actors/actressess have been up to since the show ended its original run back in 1995:


‘Mayim Bialik (Blossom Russo): Now has a PhD in neuroscience as well as degrees in Hebrew studies and Jewish studies – but is no stranger to the acting world either, having starred as Dr Amy Farrah Fowler – aka Sheldon’s ‘girlfriend’ in The Big Bang Theory since 2010 (although she had to wait until Valentine’s Day this year before he finally kissed her). The mother of two is also an advocate for attachment parenting and published a book on the subject in 2012.

Joey Lawrence (Joey Russo): The man behind the show’s ‘Whoa!’ catchphrase has a string of movies and TV shows to his credit, but currently stars alongside Melissa Joan Hart (that’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch to you and me) in the ABC comedy Melissa And Joey. He also co-hosted the US version of Splash! recently (which is about as far removed from Vernon Kay as we can imagine).

Jenna von Oy (Six LeMeure): Aka Blossom’s fast-talking, troubled best mate, Jenna went on to star in US sitcom The Parkers, and has also attempted to forge a career as a country singer, releasing an album in 2007. She also writes a blog, The Cradle Chronicles, about life with her super-cute baby daughter Gray. Awwwww…..

Michael Stoyanov (Tony Russo): The man who played Blossom’s alcoholic older brother boasts the likes of Prison Break and The Mentalist on his CV, as well as a small role in 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight.


Nice! N o mention of Joey Lawrence’s single Nothing My Love Can’t Fix here. Scandalous. Nevermind, I’ve posted it below for old time’s sake!


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