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danger-mouse-postersThese days there’s something quite laughable about a small white mouse fighting crime, with an eye patch and a hamster side kick in a creased suit. But back in the early 80s, this secret agent duo kicked Batman and Robin’s ass, and were top of the class in coolness and ratings.

I was born in 1984; making me the grand old age of 26. However, Danger Mouse hit our screens three years before, meaning I was a tad 2000 and late in missing the start of this cartoon caper. But all I had to do was play catch up and ask my folks to pop in the video cassettes of their hay days; back when shoulder pads were actually meant to be in dresses, and way before Boy George painted his neck black.

Catch up done and I was a fan, especially with Del Boy David Jason taking on the voice of Danger Mouse himself. I always half expected him to call Penfold a ‘plonker’ and send him on a dodgy mission or be driving a small yellow van.

For those of you who aren’t clued up on your secret agent rodents, Danger Mouse always saved the day when there was any, erm, danger. He was accompanied by Penfold, a bumbling but loveable hamster, who I believe is responsible for the ‘geek chic’ revival of fashion spectacles. (What evs Gok Wan…)

Danger Mouse and Penfold were given assignments by a Walrus named Colonel K; which funnily enough is what I get my best friends to call me on a weekend. No secret agent is complete without an arch nemesis; mine is my boss. Who better to hop in to the role than the evil froggy spawn, Baron Silas Greenback; which I hear is what Prince William requested to be addressed as after the wedding – damn copyright laws…


Baron was assisted by a crow henchman, with the coolest villain name ever; Stiletto. Girls love them, and guys know that one swift kick to the nether regions with one is game over.

Danger Mouse had huge success in the U S of A thanks to the British humour. Perhaps if Cheryl Cole had donned an eye patch and toned down that he barnet, she’d of faired a little better across the pond too.

Danger Mouse was also fluent in 34 languages, including extra-terrestrial; should he happen to come across a conflict with ET or Charlie Sheen after a few too many shandies.

The series ran from 1981 to 1992 and was rumoured to be loosely based on spy fiction, such as James Bond. Danger Mouse certainly had a licence to thrill and (Doctor) No problem in entertaining audiences across the continent.  Pipe down Daniel Craig; Danger Mouse taught you everything you know; including the slow mo speedo stroll from the sea…

By Kelly Holgate