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Garbage Pail 3Garbage pail 2One of my first ever posts on www.imisstheoldschool.com was about infamous 80s trading cards/sticker Garbage Pail Kids click here to see link

And as if someone’s ears were burning somewhere faraway, I was recently contacted by Philadelphia-based company LTL PRINTS, who are launching an exclusive collection of Garbage Pail Kids ‘Wall Graphics.

‘What are ‘Wall Graphics’?’ I hear you ask. Well think glossy self-adhesive visual, which will stick to almost anything (walls, windows, and ceilings) and can be used to decorate your house, office or any other space you fancy! And the even greater part is they can be removed and re-hung over 100 times without leaving any marks or damage.

These prints are a cool way to bring back some classic memories!

LTL’s range features 77 original designs from the classic Topps collectible cards, which all come in a range of lengths, (from laptop-sized to seven feet tall), with prices ranging between $14.95 – $149.95. I like ‘em! What do you think?

Check this link for more details



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