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hubbabubbawrapperHitting the sweet shop after school was one of my favourite things as a kid. Back in the day when 10 pence actually got you a decent pic n mix, Gob Stoppers were all the rage and it took me ten minutes to choose which sugar-charged Hubba Bubba bubble gum to choose from.

There was nothing more satisfying than walking home blowing and popping bubbles, looking like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

No longer did I have to purchase mundane mint flavours, but I could now have a full blown party in my mouth with exciting, and often weird, tasting flavours such as Cool Cola, Oasis Orange, Crazy cherry and my favourite of all time Seriously Strawberry; it really was serious on flavour!

Ed interjects: Kelly, being younger than me (lucky thing!) probably doesn’t remember the days when Hubba Bubba just came in ‘Original’ (see above left for original old school wrapper) and Strawberry flavours. I think Orange and Cola came a few years later, and at the time they didn’t have sexy adjectives such as ‘Cool Cola’ and ‘Oasis Orange’ to describe them – those were the days *reminisces for a moment*. Okay, back to Kelly…

Produced by gum gods Wrigleys, Hubba Bubba was the company’s first bubble gum and soon gained a huge fan base due to its stretchability; something which my Mum did not appreciate when I managed to get some tangled in my hair…don’t ask.

The term Hubba Bubba is said to have derived from a phrase used by World War II soldiers to denote approval; well it sure stands to my attention and leads the charge against all other bubble gum.

Now I am older I have unfortunately moved on to chewing gum, you know the stuff that’s actually good for your teeth? So the bubble has been burst on my ‘chuddy’ adventure, but Hubba Bubba is still available and often catches my eye in the super market; perhaps I’ll invest in a patch to curb my cravings…

The gum gods not only had the small chunky squares of gum, but also bought out a bubble tape, which was a seemingly never ending roll of joy (ok a bit over the top…) but it gave off the impression that the fun didn’t have to end, but more often than not I would end up with a mouth full of too much gum and teeth slowly crumbling away.

hubba bubba tape

Me and my friends would sit around to see who could blow the biggest bubble, and gain a slight satisfaction when popping your smug pal’s huge efforts, mwhahaha.

I googled Hubba Bubba to see where I could get a fix, should I need one anytime soon, and 18 pack would only set me back a fiver; which is always comforting to know should my sweet tooth start a tingling again. They could be added to my other favourite retro sweets- chocolate tools, Dweebs, Nerds and fried eggs.


Kids today might prefer chocolate bars and crisps, but no one can burst the memory of my after school Hubba Bubba club, and all you fellow members out there keep on blowing those bubbles and remember that nothing gets gum out of clothing quicker than popping them in a freezer….

By Kelly Holgate



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