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Jodeci recently made their way back onto the music scene via the song and video Knockin’ Your Heels Off, a collaboration with fellow 90s s r&b group H Town. While the song isn’t bad per se, the video has had the Internet a buzz due to the deteriorated appearance of the group, most especially Jodeci’s former resident pretty boy Mr Dalvin. Imisstheoldschool.com are surprised people are…err… surprised about his form as this is not the first time we have had a look at how the past years have treated Jodeci. Their UK show a couple of years ago, coupled with less than flattering pictures, which have been circulating the net from time, already gave us that idea.

There was also that infamous video from a K-Ci and JoJo performance in Australia, in August 2008, where Jo-Jo collapsed right on stage, and K-Ci carried on performing as if nothing had happened. Shortly after the incident K-Ci gave a statement where he stated Jo-Jo has epilepsy, and his collapse was the result of a seizure. There have also been rumours of alleged drug use by certain members, but all so far unfounded. Whatever it is, Jodeci is far from the group they used to be, but there is no taking away from the days when they WERE the shiz-nit!

Knocking Your Heels Off – H Town featuring Jodeci


JodeciBack in the early 90s Jodeci were the kings of r&b. Comprised of two sets of brothers Joel ‘JoJo’ and Cedric ‘K-Ci’ Hailey and Dalvin and Donald ‘DeVante’ DeGrate, the group got the balance just right. While the Haileys provided two of the best loved voices on the music scene, Dalvin and Devante’s slick production skills and pretty boy looks completed the package.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virgina (Degrates) and Charlotte, North Carolina (Haileys), all four grew up in the church (Devante and Dalvin’s father was a minister) and actually toured in different singing groups as youngsters. But destiny played its part, and when and the two sets of brothers met through mutual friends they found a shared love for music and discussed the possibilities of recording together. They decided to call themselves Jodeci as it was a combination of all of their names.

The guys come to New York and eventually got a record deal with Uptown Records, which is where they met a young executive called  Sean Combs (aka Puff Daddy or Puffy).

Puffy was instrumental in developing their style, in terms of their dress and their swagga, which as the time was ‘street’ with a slick touch – baggy leather trousers hanging low enough to see the tops of their designer boxer shorts, waistcoats, baseball caps, and lace-up black boots.

Other times they played up to the fantasies of their female audiences, sporting boiler suits in the video for Forever My Lady and firefighter uniforms  in the clip for I Gotta Love, and (aside from the shyer JoJo)  always ensuring their tops were unzipped, showing off  lots of skin and toned torsos.

But it wasn’t just a visual thing, as Jodeci had hits for days, and in our humble opinion The likes of Forever My Lady, Stay Come and Talk To Me, Feenin’ and Cry For You are etched in r&b music history and are some of the best songs ever produced.

Then when the group decided to take a break in 1996, K-Ci and Jo-Jo, as a duo, went on to have even more hits, most notably the Grammy-nominated All My Life.

If you call yourself a music lover and you don’t have that track or Forever My Lady, Diary Of A Mad Band or The Show, The Hotel, The After Party albums in your collection, stop reading this and get on iTunes right now.

Forever My Lady – Jodeci

Come and Talk To Me – Jodeci


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  2. I didn’t understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?

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    • I was saying that Jodeci albums are something I’d recommend to any lover of good music!

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  3. I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

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  4. Nice piece on one of my fave groups- its kinda sad when I see pics of them today and even though i would still love them to come out with some good new stuff, i doubt i’d actually go and see them perform!

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