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Oh, how I miss the 90s explosion of black US cinema, especially the romantics comedies such as The Best Man, Love and Basketball, Boomerang, Jason’s Lyric, Poetic Justice, Hav Plenty (yeah, even that one) and many people’s favourite Love Jones. Well, Love Jones is now 15 years old! Yep hunny, it’s been THAT long!

Recently the stars of the film Nia Long, my teen (and grown woman) crush Larenz Tate (see last pic to understand my logic) and Isaiah Washington spoke about their involvement in this classic film, including their favourite scenes, and despite it being so long since the first one, the possibility of a part two!

Essence magazine’s online site had the scoop below!

Nia Long, Larenz Tate and Isaiah Washington Remember Love Jones 15 Years Later

It’s hard to forget the passion (and poetry) between Darius Lovehall (Larenz Tate) and Nina Moseley (Nia Long) in the 90s romantic comedy Love Jones. The film, released on March 14, 1997, was written by 24-year-old director Theodore Witcher, who based it on his own dating experiences living in Chicago. Though the movie didn’t do well by Hollywood standards — it made a little over $12 million at the box office — it quickly became a cult classic thanks to its stellar soundtrack, which included now-classic tracks by Maxwell and Lauryn Hill, and, of course, word of mouth.

On the movie’s 15th anniversary, leads Tate and Long, and co-star Isaiah Washington (who played Darius’ married friend Savon Garrison) recount their fondest memories of working on the classic love story.

First impressions of the Love Jones script:
NIA LONG: I was like, “I love this, and I want to do it.” There was no question. There was also the excitement of, “Oh my gosh, my first leading role.” And I think it shaped the rest of my career.

LARENZ TATE: My initial thoughts were: “I’m digging this character.” And, being from Chicago, I found things in the movie that reflected what I knew. I also liked the idea of [Darius] being smart, and intelligent. The guy’s a writer. He’s creative. He’s artistic. I hadn’t done that. The script spoke to me.

ISAIAH WASHINGTON: I use a measurement – if I come to page 13 of the script, usually it’s been a very powerful read and I know I want to be a part of it. I remember not being able to finish the Love Jonesscript. I got on the phone and said I have to talk to [director] Theodore Witcher and I have to do this project.






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