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My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024My Little Pony, the cartoon, was American ‘trippi-ness’ at its best. Set in ‘Dream Valley’ (I’m not even kidding you), it was a TV series about flying ponies who always got themselves into trouble with fairytale like creatures such as goblins, gremlins, (yes they are different I’ll have you know) and witches. The series, which ran from 1986-7 originally, always ended in a happy frame of mind (obviously! We’re in dream valley here!), it truly is a whirlwind of euphoric, genuinely trippy but happy happenings.

But what was it to us as youngsters? Well I was obsessed with horses, and I think any young girl who loved horses loved MLP.

But the TV series must have flown over my head, as the only thing I remember was the merchandise, which was poduced by that lovely toy-making giant Hasbro (Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers)! To me it wasn’t merchandise though – these were toys, and toys of a highly entertaining value. Firstly they were ponies, with a scent and an emblem on their bum so you could distinguish one from the other. They had hair, or ‘manes’ for the horsy peeps, with which you could brush until your wee heart was content. I used to give mine haircuts so they ended up looking like ‘reet’ punks. Anarchist MLP. Oh yeah, that’s how I rolled. Same with Barbies actually, bit of a tomboy as one can imagine. But the vital point I’d like to make is that they brought out one’s imagination and I genuinely believe they made the world that little bit more creative. Dramatic I know but I used to take them into the attic on little adventures, I’d spend hours up there inventing names for them, inventing scenarios entailing witches and scary ‘out to get yous’, what more could you want as an eight year old?

Aside from this – I think MLP’s producers got a little bit ‘MLP happy’ with the series. It all got a little confusing, there was ‘Generation two’, ‘Generation three’, some that went direct to video and Equestria. Confused? Yep, me too. I say if you’re going to reminisce, reminisce with the actual toy as opposed to rummaging round for the dusty VHS. At least you’ll save a few brain cells and stay a little saner. Or you could go the other way and book in to see (I kid you not)…’My Little pony live!!’, two exclamation marks are grammatically incorrect, I know, but this comment needed it. Too much to even think about.

Let’s stick with playtime instead – my one has coconuts on her bum – beat that.

By Lara Piras



  1. I know!!!!! The original version was the best!!! I dont know why they changed it. When i was a kid i had loads of them but my parents persuaded me to sell them coz i was getting too old. I miss them! : ) But cmon- the 2003- 2006 version will always be My Little Pony to me! ; )

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