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This memorable 90s tune, by Positive K, will go down in urban music history for one reason, and one reason alone, and that is for giving men a licence to harass! Before this song came out, a woman always had the excuse ‘I got a man’, if she wasn’t interested in someone’s advances.

In fact ‘I got a man’ could mean anything from ‘You’re ugly, I don’t fancy you’,  ‘Oh my God, your breath stinks, get away from me’, to… ‘I do actually have a man.’ The beauty of that line is that it was effective and inoffensive and it almost always got women out of an uncomfortable situation.

That was until this song came out in 1992. Using an infectious sample (Rescue Me by A Taste of Honey (1980)), the verses and the video featured three different exchanges between Postive K and a woman, where despite her continuous rebuttals, including the previously fool-hardy ‘I got a man’, he refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. For example one such exchange went:

PK: Aiyyo sweetie, you’re lookin kinda pretty/What’s a girl like you, doin in this rough city?

Girl: I’m just here, tryin to hold my own ground

PK: Yeah, I think I like how that sound/What you say we gets to know each other better?

Girl: That sounds good but I don’t think that I can let ya

PK: I don’t know, tell me is it so/Do you get a kick, out of tellin brothers no?

Girl: No it’s not that see you don’t understand/How should I put it, I got a man

PK: What’s your man got to do with me?

The line ‘what’s your man got to do with me?’ quickly became the choice phrase for guys who didn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer, forcing women to become a lot more inventive… or a lot more honest.  In other words, it became so much more of a hassle to simply tell a brother to take a hike!

But even though K became the poster child for persistence (after getting dissed throughout the video, he finally bags a cute girl at the end), and the song reaching number 14 on the US Billboard chart, this was his only hit. Sadly.


  • The ‘female’ voice on the song is actually Positive K’s, which was sped up in the studio to sound higher-pitched.

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