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karatekidsesleeve12 The new version of the Karate Kid is released in the UK this Friday (30th July, 2010), and has already proved a huge box-office draw in the US. Starring Will Smith’s son Jaden as the ‘Karate Kid’, it also features martial arts expert/actor Jackie Chan in the Mr Miyagi-type character.

As I’ve already expressed on this site, I am not a huge fan of remakes of popular 80s films (why I’m not a fan of 80s remakes) I grew up watching, as no matter how good they are, they can not live up to the originals. This is mainly because they will always lack the atmosphere and feelings generated at the time my younger-self first watched the original. And these feelings can only be replicated by watching that same movie, with the same script, actors, lines,  dodgy fashion and hairstyles and ancient-looking graphics and technical stuff.

I went to an early screening of the A Team movie a few weeks before the film came out, and although it wasn’t a terrible movie, I just couldn’t get past the fact that the actors just didn’t fit the parts. This meant I didn’t like the movie before it had even started! Lol! And as much as I love little Jaden Smith, I’m assuming I’m going to feel the same about the new Karate Kid.

Anyhow, my slight frustrations turned to laughter today when a friend forwarded the below video to me. Ralph Macchio has been pretty vocal on his thoughts about not tampering with the original Karate Kid in the past, but if he can laugh at things, I guess I can too.


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