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Raw like sushiThe years 1988 and 1989 were extremely pivotal for me when it comes to music. This period spanned my first year of secondary school, the time I really started buying music for myself. So, unsurprisingly a lot of the albums I bought then, with my own pocket money, shaped my early teen years and still mean a lot to me today.

From Bobby Brown’s Don’t Be Cruel, Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl and New Kids On The Block’s Hangin’ Tough, all which I will get round to featuring on the site.

Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi, also comes under this category, and this LP had a big effect on me. This is becasue of what Neneh, this formidable force of a woman, with her big hair, big voice, big personality and even bigger trainers (lol!), embodied, which to me was: ‘I am me, whether you like it or not!’ And it was this exhilarating unashamed and unapologetic stance that came across strong in her songs.

From the quirky cool Buffalo Stance, and the airyly sensitive Manchild, to the street tough Inner City Mama, and seriously sexy Blowing Kisses in the Wind. All these tracks bought something fresh, funky and extremely different to the world of pop music, at that time.

I still remember Neneh performing Buffalo Stance on Top Of The Pops in a skin tight lyrca dress, trainers and her black cork-screw curly hair wild and free, and this was all at 7-8 months pregnant! She looked hot and her performance was amazing!


  • Neneh’s real name is Neneh Mariann Karlsson.
  • She is half Sierra Leonean and half Swedish
  • According to Jazzie B, when Neneh won a Brit Award for Best album in 1990, she smashed it in two and gave one half to the group Soul II Soul, who were also nominated that year.
  • UK TV presenter Miquita Oliver (T4) is Neneh’s niece.
  • Neneh’s eldest daughter Niama went to primary school with me, although she was a few years below. One day when Neneh came to pick her up, I asked her for her autograph, and I still have it!


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