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I found an old post I put up nearly two years ago (2010), just after Whitney performed some shows in the UK.

I’ve adapted it into a tribute to the singer, following the music icon’s shocking and extremely sad passing yesterday afternoon, at the age of just 48. She was reportedly found drowned in the bath of her Beverly Hills hotel room. She was in L.A to to attend mentor Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy Awards party later that evening. Prescription drugs were also found in her room.

The sentiments I expressed in the post I wrote two years ago haven’t changed and quite simply express that there has never been a vocalist like Whitney and there is unlikely to ever be one. She had her demons, which affected the latter part of her career and possibly her life, but regardless, in her prime no other vocalist could touch her, and her music will live on forever… Read more below.

I Will Always Love You Whitney

Browsing through old YouTube clips, in my opinion there has never been a singer with a voice like Whitney. Forget wardrobe, stage shows and all the rest of the ‘icing’ performers often use to create effect, when it comes to just ‘the voice’, Whitney was unrivaled. She was so effortless live, and managed to get the vocal delivery down to a ‘t’, so much so she sounded exactly as it did on the record… Nah scratch that; she sounded better! As I took myself back, I watched more and more of her live outings and couldn’t get enough. She REALLY was phenomenal!

Listening to gems such as How Will I Know, Saving All My Love, The Greatest Love of All, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Didn’t We Almost have It All, So Emotional, All at Once, You Give Good Love, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, I Have Nothing… on the iPod or the sound system is still a treat. How many of you did the hair-brush-in-the mirror routine to one of Whitney’s songs at one stage, growing up? I know I did! I still do! But I use a deodorant can as opposed to a hairbrush. Lol!

So below is a salute to Whitney, a true legend, no matter what!

And tell me you don’t agree that the Saving All My Love performance on Letterman is THE ONE! I’m about to get my deodorant can out now!

R.I.P Whitney Elizabeth Houston 1963-2012



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