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Back in the 80s ‘Shame guy’ was a phrase widely used among young people. It was usually uttered when something embarrassing happened. For example, if someone tripped over in front of all their friends or got cussed out by their parents, again, in front of a group of friends, or even one friend… In other words any kind of public embarrassment was worthy of a ‘shame guy!’ No one wanted to be on the receiving end of a ‘shame guy!’, but boy did it feel satisfying saying it to someone else.
I remember one of my classmates in primary school loved to talk back to the teachers and act like the big man all the time. One day as we were finishing up for the day, his mother happened to walk into the classroom (she was there to pick him up), just as he was being cheeky to the teacher.
What happened next was equal to a million ‘Shame guys!’ as she proceeded to chase him around the classroom with her shoe, as he yelped and screamed like a girl.
You know his name from then on was ‘Shame Guy’! In fact I think years later he actually had to change it by deed poll as he was called that so much no one could remember his real name!

Check out this classic clip from UK comedy sketch show The Real McCoy, which epitomises the phrase:


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