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zap_policeThere have always been boy bands – teenage phenomenon’s with overly styled hair and cheesy dance routines, who are flocked by millions of young girls everywhere they go.

It is one of those facts of life we have come to accept.

But The Police, well, they were a MAN band. Yes they did have the millions of young female fans and were a phenomenon (thankfully the cheesy dance routines were a no-no and their hair was just blonde) but they were men.

Sting was a former teacher for crying out loud! None of this pupil by day singing sensation by night malarkey we have today (yes Bieber, Cyrus I’m talking to you…)

Then there’s the music…although they were a rock band, it was a type of rock never really heard of before thanks to the reggae, jazz and sometimes even punk influences in their songs.

Most people only ever seem to remember Every Breath You Take, which is fair enough, as it is amazing (and it’s even better on Ally McBeal when Robert Downey Jr duets with Sting…trust me!)

But the haunting lyrics have led to the song often being mistaken as a love song though, when it is actually about the obsessive control and stalking of a lost love – something to keep in mind when you’re choosing the first dance song at your wedding!

But Every Breath You Take aside, The Police have given us many an amazing song.

Hits like Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, So Lonely, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Don’t Stand So Close To Me are still brilliant today.

I have to say, Don’t Stand So Close To Me is my favourite Police record. The clever lyrics (not many people would think to rhyme Nabokov and cough) and the video (Sting takes his top off, enough said) are just amazing – who knew there was such fun to be had in classroom?

Then there’s Roxanne. Yes it’s a song about a prostitute, but that’s the beauty of it. Every Police song does seem to have a slightly dark tone to it and as one of their first singles, they set the bar pretty high singing about a subject like prostitution – not your average everyday choice of material is it?

Even their album titles were different to the norm, Zenyattà Mondatta anyone? No me neither. Research has led me to believe they are just syllables which sound good together, roll off the tongue and can mean everything and anything…apparently.

I do, however, believe (minus research) that without Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland, the 80s would have been a very dull time…they were unique and music today wouldn’t be the same without their influences.

Everything about The Police was brilliant, you could even go as far as to say that every little thing they did was magic…(sorry)

Stefanie Keeling



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