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Cadillac Delivers Stars to Grammy AwardsNOW
Stacy Ann Ferguson, aka Fergie, is a member of the hit hip-pop group the Black Eyed Peas. She joined the group, which originally formed in 1995 (and had already released two albums), in 2003 to add a bit of a twist. And she certainly did that. Previously, the band featuring Will.i.am, Alp. De. Alp and Taboo, were critically acclaimed, but weren’t exactly on any top-selling artists lists.

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Littlest hoboWhen I was growing up in the 1980s a lot of the TV shows aimed at young people used real life animals as  characters, to appeal to us. Black Beauty, Lassie, Gentle Ben,  Woof, Benji, Zak and the Alien Prince… The list is endless. However the one that always stands out to me is… Yep. The Littlest Hobo!