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It really seems like this is the year for TV show cast reunions with A Different World, The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World (whose reunion has actually come in the form of new series Girl Meets World)… and now Blossom. Did I just hear somebody say ‘Whoa!’? *Joey Russo voice*

Yep, everyone’s favourite floppy-hat-wearing teen (I know I wasn’t the only one that adopted that style back in the day) and her slightly dysfunctional family, (well the actors who played them) made many a 90s kid’s dreams come true when they posed for a reunion pic recently. Well, the family minus the parents Mayim Balik (Blossom), Joey (Joey Lawrence) and Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) and including Blossom’s 1000 word per minute-talking best friend Sixx (Jena von Oy). I mean it would have been just plain wrong to leave out Sixx!


Anyhoo… Here’s how the METRO.CO.UK reports it:

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Tributes poured in for respected comedy actor and writer Harold Ramis, last night, after the Ghostbusters star passed away at the age of 69, following a long battle with an autoimmune disease. The star will probably be remembered best for playing Egon Spengler in both the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 movies, but hardcore comedy fans will know that Harold was a veteran writer for the big screen, and along with the Ghostbusters movies , he was responsible for writing and co-writing classic movies such as  Animal House, Groundhog Day, Stripes, Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s  Vacation and Analyze This. He laos wrote for TV and worked on several episodes of the US version of The Office.
With the 30th anniversary of the first Ghostbusters movie coming up this summer – this is very sad! That movie was very popular in my house growing up, as were several of those he wrote the screenplay for! RIP Harold Ramis – your legacy will live on in your brilliant work!



‘Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of my brilliant, gifted, funny friend, co-writer/performer and teacher Harold Ramis. May he now get the answers he was always seeking’ – Dan Akroyd

‘Sad to hear my friend Harold Ramis passed away. A brilliant, funny, actor and director. A wonderful husband and dad. Big loss to us all’ – Billy Crystal

‘Harold Ramis. Funny, gracious, kind hearted. A joy to have known you’ – Steve Carell


How many will always remember him: Ramis as Dr Spengler on the set of 'Ghostbusters'

‘Very, very sad to hear that Harold Ramis has died. He was a lovely man and I loved working with him. RIP’ – Elizabeth Hurley

‘Today is a sad day. RIP Harold’ – Rick Moranis

‘Harold Ramis was a brilliant, shining example for every comedy writer hoping to achieve excellence in the field.  He will be sorely missed’ – Seth MacFarlane

‘I collect spores, molds, and fungus’ – condolences to the family and friends of the great Harold Ramis’ – Jimmy Kimmel

‘REST IN PEACE Harold Ramis: a continued source of everything funny’ Henry Winkler

‘So sad about Harold Ramis. Comedy legend. And a lovely man’ – Rashida Jones

‘Very sad to hear that we lost Harold Ramis. Exceptionally talented, exceptionally kind’ – Julianne Moore

‘So sorry to hear about the death of Harold Ramis, a comedy master. Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and more’ – Steve Martin

‘Egon was my favorite Ghostbuster. Feels like we lost one of the Beatles’ -Jason Reitman

‘Harold Ramis. Ugh. this movie. This movie was EVERYTHING #STRIPES’ – Martha Plimpton

‘Stunned and saddened to hear of the death of Harold Ramis. A comedy hero…’ – Stephen Fry

‘So sad about Harold Ramis. His work changed my life and inspired me and made me want to do what I do. Very nice man and a good neighbor too’ – Tom Arnold

‘Sad to hear brilliant comedian, writer & director Harold Ramis has passed. A giant talent & extremely nice man. RIP’ – Pee-wee Herman

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I haven’t been as excited about a movie as I am about the NWA biopic in a long time! The casting, the trailer, everything looks so on point, and immediately takes me back to 1988! The movie is released on August 14th over here so the countdown has begun… For me anyway. Check out the two released trailers below, with the latter featuring a cool introduction from members Dr Dre and Ice Cube, along with some interesting cameos. Once again, will you be going to see this movie?

Original story posted: June 19th, 2014

Exciting news this week, as the makers of the highly anticipated NWA biopic announced that they have finally cast the three leads, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and the late Eazy-E, for ‘Straight Outta Compton’, the big screen movie about the legendary gangsta rap-pioneering hip hop outfit.  And, thankfully they are all unknown actors!

Billboard.com reports:

    ‘After more than five years, four writers and a tough-to-please trio that holds cast and script veto power, Universal’s N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton” is finally getting the green light.

Sources say the studio has assembled its leading threesome to tackle the roles of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the late Eazy-E. The three parties with approval – Cube, Dre and Eazy-E’s widow Tomica Wright – have signed off on the actors who will play the core members of the seminal rap group.

It’s no secret that Cube has been lobbying for his son, O’Shea Jackson Jr., 24, to be cast as the teen version of his father, and it appears he got his wish.

Less known is the classically trained actor who is said to have won the role of Dre, Marcus Callender. Although the alum of New York’s Shakespeare Lab at the Public Theater might be more familiar with Chekhov than Compton’s gang-plagued streets, he beat out a phalanx of would-be rappers (the Beats co-founder originally wanted Michael B. Jordan to play him, but the actor is about to take on a Fantastic Four reboot at Fox). Still, Callender has some screen credits, including the pilot for Steve Zaillian’s Criminal Justice on HBO, as well as bit parts in the CBS series Blue Bloods and Elementary.

Even more obscure is Jason Mitchell, who insiders say landed the film’s lead role of Eazy-E after an out-of-the-park screen test. The New Orleans-based actor, who is repped by Talent Connexion, has played small roles in Broken City and Contraband.’

I, for one am very excited about this movie, which has been in development for five years already, with multiple changes in terms of writers and directors!  I am also so happy they didn’t just decide to go with a bunch of known actors who they felt would bring in a fan base as the NWA legacy can do that all by itself.

There was talk recently of comedian Katt Williams playing Eazy-E… Hmmm… I can see where they were going with that, but not sure to be honest. Also, I don’t think I could believe Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) in the role of Dr. Dre… He is a good actor and all, but that is way too random for me. Even going by the fact that I felt the same way about Lil Mama playing Left Eye in the TLC movie last year, and then having to admit afterwards that she actually did an amazing job! Choosing fresh-faced actors hopefully means these young men are actually the best people for the job, and they will do the roles justice! The above picture shows (l-r) Oshea Jackson Junior, Jason Mitchell and Marcus Callender, crouching in front of (l-r) Ice Cube, the film’s director F. Gary Gray and Dr. Dre.

Will you be going to see this movie when it finally comes out?


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I watched this Unsung episode on Heavy D and the Boyz the other night. I really like this doc series as it covers interesting acts, not usually the focus of music documentaries. Also, I like the way that this shines a light on the contributions and stories of the other members of the group, in particular Eddie F, who is an extremely accomplished and respected producer.

The loss of Heavy D is still one strongly felt in the music industry, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

R.I.P to the ‘overweight lover’, and to one of the ‘boyz’, Trouble T.Roy (Troy Dixon), who died at age 22 after a tragic fall back in July, 1990.



My favourite Heavy D and the Boyz tune is Got Me Waiting. I remember rinsing this in the hi-fi system back during my college days in 1994!


Now That we Found Love – Heavy D and the Boyz (1991)


They Reminisce Over You (Tribute to Trouble T.Roy) – Pete Rock and CL Smooth (1990)




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    Over the weekend, we came across an article revealing some of the behind-the-scenes secrets from  classic 80s flick Coming to America on www.madamenoire.com over the weekend, and it made for a very interesting read.

    If you are interested in finding out ‘who was originally in line to play the parts of King Jaffe Joffe or Prince Akeem’s (Eddie Murphy) love interest Lisa McDowell?’ Or, ‘why Eddie Murphy and the film’s director John Landis didn’t get on?’ And, ‘which former TV talent show judge choreographed the now iconic opening dance scene?’ Then this article tells you all that and more!

    I (Ed) am a bit of a vacuum cleaner of random general knowledge and facts when it comes to the world of entertainment, and I love ‘sucking up’ little tidbits that I never knew before, so this really fed my appetite! I hope it does the same for you too. Get into it by clicking this link, then don’t forget to come back and let us know what you think in the comment section below…

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      Tracy Chapman’s another artist whose career I’m too young to have witnessed in person: her first album was released the year after I was born, while the last one I heard of, Telling Stories, came out right when I was starting to despise commercial pop and engage with my first love, punk-rock. I found out about Tracy Chapman’s most known singles much after they were released, thanks to the afternoon radio programmes that my parents used as background noise at home.  Bless the radio, yeah – I don’t listen to it much these days, but it saved me from death by boredom lots of times when I was a kid.


      Tracy Chapman, Tracy Chapman. Despite her name, I thought for quite a long time that she was a actually man.
      I don’t mean to be offensive, here; on the contrary, my mistaken impression was due to the depth and power of her voice, which I absolutely admire. And to the fact that back in the day I barely saw her face, and first got to know of her through her music and voice alone. Plus, her hair’s quite short on the cover of the first album, isn’t it?
      Well, nevermind. What really matters is her music, and who cares if she has a deep voice, if it conveys intense emotions and tells meaningful tales? I surely don’t.
      Let’s take Fast Car, for example. Fast Car sounds a little bit like every girl’s story – or, in a way, a story every girl would like to tell. Drunk father, dreary life, unhappiness everywhere…until, suddenly, someone truly beautiful saves it all and provides a means of escaping to a brand new life.

      Again, no offense, no sarcasm: I love that song. I have found myself a million times dreaming of the Right Guy with a Fast Car, and every time I thought I’d met someone who could fit the description I hopelessly daydreamed about finally finding out how nice his arm felt around my shoulder. Or where we could run away to, what would our tiny and cheap apartment look like, how long it would have taken us to finally settle down – together.
      Yes, I was that kind of daydreamer, when I was younger. Hopeless, did I already mention that?
      Just like the girl in the song, I guess. And a million other girls out there.
      Tracy’s deep, moving voice sings the story of all of us, with the words we’d use ourselves to tell it. And that’s why Fast Car is precious – as much as Baby Can I Hold You, for that matter, or any of her other songs. They possess the right balance between intimate feelings and universal meanings, they show us both life as it is and as we would like it to be. And that’s what makes them worth to be listened to again, and again, and again.

      Federica Silvi

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      Love this video of Will Smith and Doug E Fresh showing the younguns how shizzle is done at actress Gabrielle Union’s 40th birthday party, over the weekend!

      Doug E, who is the originator of ‘the Dougie’ dance, in case you didn’t know, clearly hasn’t lost a inch of his swagger since the 80s, as he gets down to show all imitators of the moves why no on can do it quite like he can. All this alongside spitting some lyrics. Will Smith also shows he is still super cool, rapping on the mic along to some of his old hits, as well as the Fresh Prince of Bel- Air theme tune… *Ed has a moment*. Once again people, this.is.why. I miss the old school!!!!!!!!!!

      You can see Doug E getting his ‘Dougie’ on in the below video for his Guess who/Keep Rising To The Top video…

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        That’s the question on the lips of old school fans across the world, since a recent video interview of Saved By The Bell actress Lark Voorhees hit the net! Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Lark was lusted after by many a pubescent boy, who fell in love with her spoilt but ultra-cute school-girl character Lisa Turtle.

        However, these days that is unlikely to be the case. To put it mildly, right now there are a multitude of 30-something men across the globe properly hurting right now at the ‘down-fall’ of their childhood crush! Granted, it has been nearly 25 years since the show debuted on TV screens, but time seems to have taken its toll on poor Lis, who is still at the relatively young age of 38! After the high school-based kid’s show ended in 1993, Lark appeared in LL Cool J’s popular comedy In The House, as the wife of Alfonso Ribeiro’s character Maxwell Stanton, and was still looking fly, but hey…. *whistles in the wind*

        In my humble opinion, although some would argue that it looks like some facial surgery/has been at play, a light weight loss plan and a heavily revised make-up regime could get things popping again. Although judging by the comments I have been seeing on Twitter and Facebook, others might not agree. Check the video out below. What do you think?

        In other news Lark’s hint of a Saved By The Bell reunion may be enough to turn all those 30-something men’s frowns into smiles! Yeah!