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    That’s the question on the lips of old school fans across the world, since a recent video interview of Saved By The Bell actress Lark Voorhees hit the net! Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Lark was lusted after by many a pubescent boy, who fell in love with her spoilt but ultra-cute school-girl character Lisa Turtle.

    However, these days that is unlikely to be the case. To put it mildly, right now there are a multitude of 30-something men across the globe properly hurting right now at the ‘down-fall’ of their childhood crush! Granted, it has been nearly 25 years since the show debuted on TV screens, but time seems to have taken its toll on poor Lis, who is still at the relatively young age of 38! After the high school-based kid’s show ended in 1993, Lark appeared in LL Cool J’s popular comedy In The House, as the wife of Alfonso Ribeiro’s character Maxwell Stanton, and was still looking fly, but hey…. *whistles in the wind*

    In my humble opinion, although some would argue that it looks like some facial surgery/has been at play, a light weight loss plan and a heavily revised make-up regime could get things popping again. Although judging by the comments I have been seeing on Twitter and Facebook, others might not agree. Check the video out below. What do you think?

    In other news Lark’s hint of a Saved By The Bell reunion may be enough to turn all those 30-something men’s frowns into smiles! Yeah!


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