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Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy sat down recently, on The Arsenio Hall show, to chat about a possible sequel to their classic 80s movie Coming to America! I’d love to see one personally, but check out what Eddie and Arsenio had to say and their memories on the original film.


Check out the pair on Arsenio’s show back in the day! Below!


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Interviews like this make me remember why I fell in love with hip hop in the first place! For the most part, it is all about the emotion of it – music and lyrics – which many of today’s ‘emcees’ don’t seem to have grasped. I can still partner so many personal emotions and memories to certain hip hop songs from way back in the day,  in terms of how I felt when I first heard them or things that were going on in my life at the time the song was first released, which still holds so much power.

LL Cool J’s steely abs peeking out from that white Le Coq Sportif tracksuit in the I Need Love video might also have been an early contributing factor to my commitment to ride hard for this culture, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue for a whole ‘nother post! LOL!

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Back in the day The Arsenio Hall Show was the hottest late night talk show on American TV. And even though we didn’t have it here in the UK, if you had friends or family in the US, you made sure they taped it for you every week!

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US teen sit-com Saved By the Bell was my ish back in the day. That show,  made by US network NBC and syndicated to 85 countries around the world, was one of the only things that could get me out of bed on a Saturday morning as a child. Well that and my mum threatening to beat my ass if I didn’t get up and start my weekend chores. It was based on a group of six high school students who attended the fictional Bayside High in California and the shenanigans they used to get up to.