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michael-jackson-thrillerHands up who had a jheri curl? Come on, don’t lie now! Lol! I know I had one. I was 11 and  it was the late 80s. I remember I was just starting secondary school at the time, and my best friend then, who is also my best friend now, still teases me about the fact that I always used to use my finger to flip up the fringe, as to stop the ‘jheri-juice’ from dripping into my eyes. I’ve still got my school photo sporting the style, and no, I’m not going to post it here!

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Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy sat down recently, on The Arsenio Hall show, to chat about a possible sequel to their classic 80s movie Coming to America! I’d love to see one personally, but check out what Eddie and Arsenio had to say and their memories on the original film.


Check out the pair on Arsenio’s show back in the day! Below!


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    Over the weekend, we came across an article revealing some of the behind-the-scenes secrets from  classic 80s flick Coming to America on www.madamenoire.com over the weekend, and it made for a very interesting read.

    If you are interested in finding out ‘who was originally in line to play the parts of King Jaffe Joffe or Prince Akeem’s (Eddie Murphy) love interest Lisa McDowell?’ Or, ‘why Eddie Murphy and the film’s director John Landis didn’t get on?’ And, ‘which former TV talent show judge choreographed the now iconic opening dance scene?’ Then this article tells you all that and more!

    I (Ed) am a bit of a vacuum cleaner of random general knowledge and facts when it comes to the world of entertainment, and I love ‘sucking up’ little tidbits that I never knew before, so this really fed my appetite! I hope it does the same for you too. Get into it by clicking this link, then don’t forget to come back and let us know what you think in the comment section below…