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DJ+Jazzy+Jeff++The+Fresh+Prince+jjfpsunnyEven though Summertime seems to have forgotten us this year in the UK , there are ways to still get a sunshine fix. One being a spin of the classic tune Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. And speaking of that record… Can you believe it came out 20 years ago?!? I still remember purchasing the duo’s Homebase album, which contained the song, on my first trip to the US back in ’91.

We spotted the below article over at:www.bvx.com this week.

In an interview in the Village Voice, Jeff ‘DJ Jazzy Jeff’ Townes explained why the record – produced by beatmaking duo K. Fingers and Hula who built the track on a sample of Kool and the Gang’s Summer Madness – has endured through the years.

However, every summer, Townes said that he and his ex-bandmate, Will Smith (formerly the Fresh Prince), expect the record to die. ‘Not in a bad way, but just like, you didn’t think that this song was going to be like this,’ Townes told the Voice. ‘We knew it was a great record and thought people might play it every once in a blue moon, but not every summer. It’s almost like this song is the launch of peoples’ summer.’

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snoop-doggystyleDoggystyle was the second hip hop album I ever bought… Okay maybe it was the fourth, as I recall I bought DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s  Homebase (you know the one with Summertime on it?) when I was 14, and I might have bought Marky Mark’s Music For The People before that (whaddya mean, that’s not a hip hop album? Sure it is! And a pretty damn good one!), and then Dr Dre’s The Chronic was the third… But  regardless next to The Chronic, Doggystyle was my first ‘grown-up’ hip hop album, as it came under the ‘gangsta rap’ umbrella. I remember anticipating it for months before it actually dropped. This is because I had already fallen in love with The Chronic, which showcased the talented young rapper called Snoop Doggy Dogg, or Calvin Broadus as his mama named him.

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ms_dynamite500I really love the below video What You Talking About? by Redlight featuring Ms Dynamite, and not just because I am a long time Ms Dynamite fan. It’s the imagery and fashion that really does it for me, courtesy of the super strong influences from the 80s and 90s. That’s everything from the graffiti style writing and pictures on the white background as a backdrop, to Ms Dynamite and her female co-star’s outfits of huge (door-knocker-style earrings), stone-wash denim, Reebok pumps, leggings and loud leather jacket!

I decided to dig out some classic vids from back in the day, which came to mind after viewing this. Enjoy, and let me know if there are any others you can think of?

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Grammy Fever is in the air, with the 52nd edition of prestigious annual award ceremony airing tomorrow night. So in honour of the show, I decided to list my top ten unforgettable 80s and 90s Grammy moments. They are not really in any particular order, but the fact that Michael Jackson comes in the first three is not exactly a coincidence. Enjoy!


This was the year Michael was honoured with 12 Grammy nominations and eight Grammy wins! And with the masterpiece which was Thriller, it was well deserved! Michael became the first to set the record for the most nominations in one year, most wins in one night! Seven of the awards were for Thriller ( including Album of the Year) and the other one was for the E.T. storybook track Someone In The Dark.

I love this clip for two reasons, one, Michael is so sweet when he speaks about taking off his glasses, and two, I love how he brings his sisters up on stage. How cute does young Janet look? In his illustrious career Mike pulled in 18 Grammys, including the prestigious (Living) Legend Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.