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Okay… So I’ve got a confession to make… I preferred Sindy over Barbie growing up. This is not something I felt particularly ashamed bad about in the past, but as I’ve gotten older I realised most of my friends (then and now) couldn’t stand Sindy and were Barbie all the way.

‘Big head’, ‘tough hair’, ‘butters’ are just some of the comments I’ve heard uttered about my beloved Sindy in recent years, LOL!

But what do they know, huh? Yeah her head was massive a little large, but so what? And yes, I  still played with my friend’s Barbies from time to time, and I might have even owned one or two in my later toy-playing years, but my loyalty was always with Sindy.

So ladies, who were you repping in the days when all you had to worry about was which of your doll’s shoes to match with what outfit? Sindy or Barbie… Below is a impartial-ish case for both, from the perspective of my eight -year-old self (mostly)… You can vote your choice right at the bottom of this post!

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With big screen production Transformers 3D hitting the cinema this week, let’s take it back to where it all began…

Picture the scene. A school assembly circa 1986. One sentence is whispered across the hall.

“Megatron is dead.”


You are joking.

But how? He’s too powerful! It CAN’T  be true.

But it was true. Megatron, evil leader of the Decepticons, had finally been defeated by his nemesis Optimus Prime.*

In the world of Transformers, this was like JR getting shot, Dirty Den divorcing Angie or Simon Groom leaving Blue Peter. In other words, it was MASSIVE.

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My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-256752_1280_1024My Little Pony, the cartoon, was American ‘trippi-ness’ at its best. Set in ‘Dream Valley’ (I’m not even kidding you), it was a TV series about flying ponies who always got themselves into trouble with fairytale like creatures such as goblins, gremlins, (yes they are different I’ll have you know) and witches. The series, which ran from 1986-7 originally, always ended in a happy frame of mind (obviously! We’re in dream valley here!), it truly is a whirlwind of euphoric, genuinely trippy but happy happenings.