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Alfonso Ribeiro (now 38) is best known for playing preppy rich kid Carlton Banks on the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, especially with audiences outside of the US. The show, fronted by rapper/actor Will Smith, ended back in 1996. Since then Alfonso has appeared in another TV sit-com fronted by a rapper, this time LL Cool J in In The House. Here he played a character very similar to Carlton (Maxwell Stanton) from 1995-1999.

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Karyn Parsons

Spotted over at www.popeater.com this week was an interview with former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actress Karyn Parsons. Karyn, of course played spoilt air-head Hillary Banks. She spoke to the site about reuniting with the FPOB cast, her views on ex-co-star Will Smith’s kids Jaden and Willow being in the spotlight, and what she is currently up to herself. Below is the first part of the interview.

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ElDebarge_2010BETWARDSI was real sad to read this week that El DeBarge was back in rehab, especially since his recent comeback, which kicked off to much fanfare at last June’s BET Awards was going so well. Both media and fans have been very excited and supportive of the return of the 80s r&b icon.

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Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of Tupac’s death, and like many of the older generation who will always remember where they were when Elvis died or Martin Luther King was assassinated, those of us of my generation will remember where they were when they heard Tupac got shot, as we will now with Michael Jackson’s passing and as we still do so vividly with Princess Diana. Yes ‘Pac had been shot two years previous, at a recording studio in Manhattan, but this second time was to prove fatal

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In recent months the offspring of two the most important names in old school popular culture, have been making waves of their own in the world of music and film. Daniel ‘Diggy’ Simmons, son of Rev. Joseph ‘Run’ Simmons of Run DMC fame, and Jaden and Willow (yup that’s her real name) Smith, son and daughter of superstar Will Smith, are currently building up careers and fanbases set to rival their famous parents.