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ElDebarge_2010BETWARDSI was real sad to read this week that El DeBarge was back in rehab, especially since his recent comeback, which kicked off to much fanfare at last June’s BET Awards was going so well. Both media and fans have been very excited and supportive of the return of the 80s r&b icon.

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brandybraids2011I was pleasantly surprised to see singer/actress Brandy rocking her old school signature braids this week. Considering it comes hot on the heels of both Solange Knowles and Kim Kardashain sporting the style, it makes me wonder if the long plaited look is making a comeback in the showbiz world.

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SPL64694_017These days Danni Minogue is best known as one of the judges on the ultra-popular British TV show The X Factor. She also recently had her first child, a son, with boyfriend and model Kris Smith, is the co-creator of fashion line Project D, not long released her autobiography and is one of the current faces of British superstore Marks and Spencer. She is also a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. Phew! Busy lady!

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diffrent_strokes*Updated* Just heard the news that Gary Coleman passed away yesterday (28 May, 2010). He was rushed to a Utah hospital following a fall in his Salt Lake City home, a few days ago. The fall reportedly resulted in an intracranial hemorrhage, (bleeding in the brain), which resulted in the actor going into a coma. He was on life support in very critical condition and died shortly afterwards. He was just 42.

Another icon from the 80s passes and it is real sad. Most of us grew up watching Gary on Diff’rent Strokes, and most of us know he hasn’t had a great life following on from the show, or even before, with his kidney problems which affected his growth and meant he was on a lot of medication throughout his life. Then there was the money issues and the run-ins with the law. But despite all that, the catchphrase: ‘Watchu talking about Willis?’ will always a have a special place in our hearts.

*Original post from March 19th*

Recently Todd Bridges, best known for his role as Willis in hit 80s TV sit-com Diff’rent Strokes, released his autobiography Killing Willis: From Diff’rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted.

The book talks in great detail about his experiences growing up as a child star and the spiral of drug abuse and run-ins with the law he endured after the show went off the air in 1986. the book also speaks openly on the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, who according to Todd was a hard drinker and used his son as a punch bag, and his childhood publicist who sexually abused him.

A lot of  Todd’s story has already been well-documented over the years by the media, often alongside similarly tales of the downfall of his former co-stars Dana Plato who played his adopted sister Kimberly and Gary Coleman, who played his little brother Arnold, who has had his own share of run-ins with the law, including a recent arrest for domestic assault.

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Grammy Fever is in the air, with the 52nd edition of prestigious annual award ceremony airing tomorrow night. So in honour of the show, I decided to list my top ten unforgettable 80s and 90s Grammy moments. They are not really in any particular order, but the fact that Michael Jackson comes in the first three is not exactly a coincidence. Enjoy!


This was the year Michael was honoured with 12 Grammy nominations and eight Grammy wins! And with the masterpiece which was Thriller, it was well deserved! Michael became the first to set the record for the most nominations in one year, most wins in one night! Seven of the awards were for Thriller ( including Album of the Year) and the other one was for the E.T. storybook track Someone In The Dark.

I love this clip for two reasons, one, Michael is so sweet when he speaks about taking off his glasses, and two, I love how he brings his sisters up on stage. How cute does young Janet look? In his illustrious career Mike pulled in 18 Grammys, including the prestigious (Living) Legend Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.