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We spotted this recent interview with legendary baller Patrick Ewing over at Jay-Z’s lifeandtimes.com. The 7-foot  former star of the New York Knicks, speaks on the 80s and 90s fashion phenomenon which was his Patrick Ewing sneaker line, how it came about and this year’s relaunch – the  European launch of all four colours of the 33 HI (pictured above) will be November 9 2012…

Ewing Athletics took the world by storm the first time round, with everybody and their mama wanting to get themselves a pair, even in places where US basketball wasn’t exactly a mainstream sport, such as here in the UK!

I wasn’t lucky enough to have a pair myself, as coming from a working class family with three other siblings meant I couldn’t always jump on every fashion trend going (as much as I cried tried), but plenty of my mates at school had them, so I guess I lived vicariously through them! Haha! I recently found out Massachusetts-born Patrick, who played for the Knicks from 1985-2000 (he also played for the Seattle Supersonics and Orlando Magic), was the first professional basketball star to have his own shoe company, which is a major deal! Read the lifeandtimes.com interview below…

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la-gear-czf-old-skool-purple-1These days when I see young kids HAPPILY rocking no named crisp white plimsolls from Primark, it makes me laugh (in a good way) because there was a time when if you weren’t sporting a designer/name branded pair of kicks, you would have been better off going bare-footed – in fact you’d probably get cursed out slightly less going to school in your socks.

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6f252_justin_timberlake_06Singer/actor Justin Timberlake appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show last night to talk up his new movie The Social Network (which I am looking forward to seeing btw). While there, he and host Jimmy performed what at first appeared to be an impromptu rap medley! Accompanied instrumentally by hip hop legends The Roots (who also serve as the show’s house band), they stormed through an impressive set, which included old school faves from the likes of the Sugarhill Gang, RUN DMC, the Beastie Boys, Tupac,The Notorious B.I.G, Dre Dre and Snoop Dogg, as well as some more recent hits from artists such as Jay-Z. The pair even attempted to mimic the voices and styles of the rappers whose hits they delivered, and threw in a few dance moves, all to hilarious effect!

But all in all, they did a great job! Check it out below!

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Lauryn Hill’s slot at the New York leg of annual hip hop festival Rock the Bells was the talk of the music industry this past weekend. The respected and much-loved singer was on top form at the show, not necessarily in voice, but definitely in enthusiam. And she bought out some special guests to sweeten the deal, in the form of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, comedian Chris Rock, a heavily pregnant Alicia Keys, Alicia’s new hubby Swizz Beatz and John Legend.

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dirty-dancing-free1Like millions of others I love the TV show Glee. The whole theatrics and singing stuff is right up my street, as I’ve been a fan of musicals-type TV shows and movies since I was a child. And although I can’t sing to save my life, that doesn’t mean I don’t give it a good go, (as painful as those in listening shot can find it). In recent years we’ve had Dreamgirls, Chicago, Moulin Rouge and of course the High School Musical trilogy, but nothing compares to the old school ones.

Growing up I used to rinse certain films, watching them over and over again on video, whether my brothers liked it or not. One summer we watched Grease every single day, for six weeks straight, and then there was Annie…. Don’t get me started on that one. Me and my brothers can still recite all the words to the movie, including the tunes, although they won’t thank me for exposing them.

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edward-woodward-in-the-equalizerOne of the great things I really love about old school TV shows is the theme music. There are some great theme songs from back in the day, which I still can’t get enough of, such as the one from classic 80s US drama The Equalizer (left).

I tried to put together my top 10 themes but ended up with about 30! Then I cut them down again, taking out the shows I have in the pipeline to write posts about.I’m not sure how many I ended up with, about 15 I think, but anyhow  below are some of my fave TV theme tunes, from back in the day, in no particular order.