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So, I was sitting in my office this afternoon – had the place to myself, so I did what I often do when there is no one else in, which is have a little party!!! This entails me plugging in my iPod or clicking onto youtube and playing all my favourite tunes, as I dance and sing along, usually at the top of my voice!!!! Luckily we are the only office on the top floor, which means no one can be subjected to my voice! Although the security man did come in and ask if he could join my little shindig, having walked past and heard me, so I guess it can’t be that bad!

Anyway, I digress… So, I go onto Youtube ¬†and searched for Please Don’t Go Girl, a song by my fave band New Kids On The Block, as ain’t no real party complete without a lil old school NKOTB – obviously. And to my surprise one of the first videos listed wasn’t the Boston five (New Kids) as expected, but a trio of young teenage boys called ToBeOne. Since the video had been posted just two days ago I assumed it was new, and it looked sort of professional so I knew it wasn’t some random guys doing a home video, so curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on it.

ToBeOneSo, apparently ToBeOne are Madison, Mikey and Jason are a new boy band from New Jersey US. The oldest is just 15 years old and they managed by Troy Carter (former manager of Lady GaGa), and they chose to cover (well the chorus any way) the New Kid’s classic hit Please Don’t Go Girl for their third single – nice. The jury is still out on the dance moves for me, even though these boys first came to public recognition after coming second on the sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew. But as for the song, I quite like what they have done here, not as much as the original though! What do you think? Did they do a good job?

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80s popstar and icon Boy George celebrated his 50th birthday this week (15th June, 2011). We can’t believe it is nearly 30 years since the singer and his then band Culture Club released their debut album Kissing to Be Clever (2008), which featured the international hit Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? This makes us here at I Miss the Old School feel mighty old – or is that just the Ed???

Despite George now more likely to be making the headlines for his run-ins with the law as opposed to his music, the fact that popstar of the moment Lady Gaga cites him as one of her influences means the undeniable mark he made on popular culture lives on. And with it being Culture Club’s 30th anniversary next year, there is currently talk of a reunion tour and whispers of Mark Ronson producing a comeback album, while this year George will appear on the UK Here and Now tour, which kicks off later this month.

Anyhow, by way of our own lil tribute IMTOS’ Shez Lancaster takes a look at how George made his mark on the 80s with his inimitable brand of style and music.