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The Spice Girls – Britain’s biggest-selling (and arguably the world’s biggest-selling) female group of all time, reunited in London, UK today for the press call for their upcoming musical Viva Forever.

Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisolm, Gerri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham were photographed inside the capital’s St Pancras Hotel, the now iconic setting for the video for their 1996-released debut single Wannabe (below).

The production, which will use hits from the 90s group’s back catalogue and is based on a girl group and their friendships. It is being written by comedienne, actress and writer Jennifer Saunders, and it is set to hit the London stage in November this year!

Rumours of the girls not getting on have been ongoing for years, and today’s pictures will not help things.
Mel B and Victoria, who reportedly have been feuding for two years, after Victoria allegedly refused to lend Mel one of her dresses for a TV appearance, kept their distance, standing at opposite ends during the photos, and Vicky’s familiar screw-face pout was in full effect.

But hey, girls will be girls!

I’m still very excited to see the show, as love them or loathe them, no one can deny that these girls did well to blow up so big across the world. And, they released some bloody good pop songs in the process. Wannabe, 2 Become 1, Say You’ll be There and Spice Up Your Life are just some of their tunes that still get rinsed today. By Me! They were a phenomenon and will go down in history as such!

Sidenote: Everytime I watch the Wannabe video, I wonder how comes no one was gracious enough to tell Mel B that her nips were on ‘stand-by’??? Or maybe that was the look they were going for! SMH!

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eddie-murphy-rawHe may not have released a decent movie in a minute, and shamefully tried to shirk his fatherly duties when he knocked up a Spice Girl (that still seems so unreal of a situation to me, even a coupla years down the line), but for me Eddie Murphy will always be first and foremost one of the funniest to have ever done it. And when I say ‘done it’, I don’t mean impregnate a Spice Girl, I mean ‘funny-ass comedy’.

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Pairing: Beyonce and Alicia Keys in Rio

This week the web has been buzzing with stolen shots of Alicia Keys and Beyonce filming the new video for their duet Put It In A Love Song. Set  in sunny Rio de Janeiro, the video appears to have a colourful carnival theme, with the ladies dressed in an array of sexy and African-inspired outfits.

I wasn’t a major fan of the ballad, which features on Alicia Key’s current album The Element of Freedom, when I initially heard it, but the video is looking good.

Alicia and Beyonce getting together on a song made me cast my mind back to some memorable old school  female collaborations. check them out after the cut!