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simoneI’ve been watching X-Factor USA, on and off, in between keeping up with the UK version. This week I tuned in to see the first live shows, which was also the week each of the judges (L.A Reid, Simon Cowell, Nicole Sherzinger and Paula Abdul had to eliminate one of their own acts, just like Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and co had to  in the UK versions, a couple of weeks previous.

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macho man
Update: This post was written before the death of Randy Savage on May 20th, 2011- R.I.P to a legend!

Sat there wearing a dress made from lace curtains, welling up as wedding march begins and whooping with joy as the groom excitedly kisses his new wife. No I haven’t just whisked you to the Royal Wedding in my DeLorean, but painted the picture of me watching Macho Man (Randy Savage) marrying Miss Elizabeth at WWF Summerslam in 1991(above).

The World Wrestling Federation rocked my world for many years, and even saw me attending some UK shows, complete with a Legion of Doom cardboard sign covered in glitter and a sore throat from hollering so much.

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SPL64694_017These days Danni Minogue is best known as one of the judges on the ultra-popular British TV show The X Factor. She also recently had her first child, a son, with boyfriend and model Kris Smith, is the co-creator of fashion line Project D, not long released her autobiography and is one of the current faces of British superstore Marks and Spencer. She is also a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. Phew! Busy lady!

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TT927SmashHitsI was an avid magazine reader growing up, following on from my comic phase in my pre-teen years. The first one I really got into was Smash Hits, in the mid 80s. I think I was first attracted to it when I saw Five Star on the front cover and the promise of the song words for their song System Addict or something like that! Lol! This was the days before the internet, when you could look them up on there. Okay so Smash Hits was the bomb.com, and was the single mag that made me want to be a music journalist. I also loved the posters, which I adorned by bedroom wall with. Kylie Minogue was the first artist that I did that with. I remember one daycoming home to find my little brother had ripped them all down out of spite. I was so vexed, and gave him the ass-whooping of his life! LOL!

When I was in secondary school a lady called Alex Kadis was the editor.  She was good pals with the likes of NKOTB and Take That and I always wanted her job! I remember that the offices for the publication was in Carnaby Street  (London’s west end) back then, and I often contemplated stalking her. Luckily I never did. After leaving Smash Hits Alex Kadis managed Mark Owen for a bit. I recently looked her up and she is now working with Simon Cowell as part of Susan Boyle’s management team (Random!!!).

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jlsMost people who know me know that I am  a fan of UK boyband JLS, the runners-up of 2008’s series of the X-Factor. Afterall I have always been a sucker for the underdog, particularly when it is teamed with talent, hard work and humility. So I love seeing these guys have number one hits, get mobbed by thousands of screaming girls wherever they go, and announce arena tours, because, who would have thought it, right?