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hanson-gal-quotes Having just performed five back-to-back shows at Kings College London Student Union, kiddy-pop band Hanson are back…

I remember purchasing Hanson’s single, the oh-so catchy Mmmbop, on cassette, back in 1997. I vividly recall walking up to the ‘H’ section and picking up the cassette thinking ‘wait a minute I thought Hanson were a boy band. These girls have lovely thick blonde hair.’ I seriously went home and listened to the tape thinking, ‘well they have high pitched voices, they could be girls’, but thanks to Top Of The Pops magazine I found out that their names were Isaac, Zak and Taylor, three brothers from Oklahoma. I then immediately felt jealous because they had way nicer hair than I did, whatever their sex.

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ElDebarge_2010BETWARDSI was real sad to read this week that El DeBarge was back in rehab, especially since his recent comeback, which kicked off to much fanfare at last June’s BET Awards was going so well. Both media and fans have been very excited and supportive of the return of the 80s r&b icon.

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Raw like sushiThe years 1988 and 1989 were extremely pivotal for me when it comes to music. This period spanned my first year of secondary school, the time I really started buying music for myself. So, unsurprisingly a lot of the albums I bought then, with my own pocket money, shaped my early teen years and still mean a lot to me today.