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I found an old post I put up nearly two years ago (2010), just after Whitney performed some shows in the UK.

I’ve adapted it into a tribute to the singer, following the music icon’s shocking and extremely sad passing yesterday afternoon, at the age of just 48. She was reportedly found drowned in the bath of her Beverly Hills hotel room. She was in L.A to to attend mentor Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy Awards party later that evening. Prescription drugs were also found in her room.

The sentiments I expressed in the post I wrote two years ago haven’t changed and quite simply express that there has never been a vocalist like Whitney and there is unlikely to ever be one. She had her demons, which affected the latter part of her career and possibly her life, but regardless, in her prime no other vocalist could touch her, and her music will live on forever… Read more below.

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whitney+1So by now we’ve all got the memo that Whitney Houston’s efforts at her live UK dates, did not live up to her past greatness. According to both newspaper reports/reviews and friends  who were in the building, the diva struggled to hit the high notes, and delivered quite a few bum ones. Booing, walk-outs and refund demands were also cited. It is obvious the superstar’s past substance abuse has affected her voice and that is a damn shame, but what can you do?

But rather than dwell on all the negative talk, instead it prompted me to take an in-depth look back on the Whitney of old. And what I found was an even greater talent than what I at first remembered.

Craig_DavidIt’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since British singer/songwriter Craig David released his debut album Born To Do It. To me, that album is still one of the best UK albums of the last ten years, if not the best. It really set the bar when it came to fresh new ‘urban’ artists making music from the heart, and not trying to fit into the generic pop formula.  Gems such as Fill Me In, 7 Days, Walking Away and Rendezvous sound just as invigorating  as when they first came out, with the videos just as memorable!

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Sprite recently unveiled their new advert featuring emcee of the moment Drake (below). I like the concept of the commercial and feel what the makers were trying to convey really worked.

A celebrity in a soft drink ad is now nothing to blink twice at, but although technology has progressed quite a bit in recent times, some of the best soft drink endorsement clips came out in the 80s and 90s.

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Pairing: Beyonce and Alicia Keys in Rio

This week the web has been buzzing with stolen shots of Alicia Keys and Beyonce filming the new video for their duet Put It In A Love Song. Set  in sunny Rio de Janeiro, the video appears to have a colourful carnival theme, with the ladies dressed in an array of sexy and African-inspired outfits.

I wasn’t a major fan of the ballad, which features on Alicia Key’s current album The Element of Freedom, when I initially heard it, but the video is looking good.

Alicia and Beyonce getting together on a song made me cast my mind back to some memorable old school  female collaborations. check them out after the cut!

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Grammy Fever is in the air, with the 52nd edition of prestigious annual award ceremony airing tomorrow night. So in honour of the show, I decided to list my top ten unforgettable 80s and 90s Grammy moments. They are not really in any particular order, but the fact that Michael Jackson comes in the first three is not exactly a coincidence. Enjoy!


This was the year Michael was honoured with 12 Grammy nominations and eight Grammy wins! And with the masterpiece which was Thriller, it was well deserved! Michael became the first to set the record for the most nominations in one year, most wins in one night! Seven of the awards were for Thriller ( including Album of the Year) and the other one was for the E.T. storybook track Someone In The Dark.

I love this clip for two reasons, one, Michael is so sweet when he speaks about taking off his glasses, and two, I love how he brings his sisters up on stage. How cute does young Janet look? In his illustrious career Mike pulled in 18 Grammys, including the prestigious (Living) Legend Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.